Welcome!, Animation Mp3 is an anime music request site, I'm a big fan of anime music, specially the music of the years '93-'96, I'm out of date with the new anime series, that's because I'll post only the songs present in my anime music list, there are not rules for requests, fell free to request anything you want.
As well I like the hard rock and metal music, my favorite bands are: Nirvana, Deftones, Metallica, Judas Priest, Korn, etc... just in case you wanna trade rock music or videos. Listen this beautifull kind of music, and then support the artist buying their cd, if not delete them after 24 hours.
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Last Update: 26-Mar-07

No news for now.... just hard work......... still cant find space.... it doesn't matter, I have google.
new songs and updates can be found in the google group.
there are thounsands of new anime series, sorry guys, I cant update my music list for a while.


Last Update: 02-Oct-06

Hello!!! if you joined the animation mp3 group then you know the reason why I dont update the site... if you did not, well, I have two reasons:
1. The ravebyte server is down, and I dont know if it will be online again.
2. I changed my ISP, and the virgilio server will be down in the next days forever
So I need someone donates webspace in order to continue updating, no free services please.
Thanks for undertanding and/or cooperation


Update: 30-Jul-06

Hello guys, next week I start my holidays, so I will not update untill the end of August, I'm thinking in going to Madrid for a couple of weeks, I wish you all you a very happy holidays... Songs for this update:
Argento Soma - Silent Wind
Final Approach - Love, Fate, Love
Hakkenden - Blue Skies
Initial D - Rage Your Dream
Inu Yasha - Change the World
Miracle Girls - Kiss no Tochuu de Namida ga



Update: 18-Jul-06

Thanks to the people in the group for helping finding songs and other great anime websites.
Songs for this update:
Battle Athlettes - Tsuabsa
Cowboy Bebop - Digging my potato
Cowboy Bebop - The Real Folk Blues (second version)
Fool Moon Wo Sagashite - Eternal Snow (karaoke)
Tekken - Hero
Ultra Maniac - Kagami no naka


Update: 03-Jul-06

Hello Everybody, good news today, I finally opted for the google group, its very simple to use and reliable, I'll delete the notify list in the next days, so if you still want to receive the link to the download page go ang join the new AnimationMp3 google group, you don't need a google account, you can join with your favorite email address and of course is completely free.
By the way I just deleted the past year updates... songs for this update:
Bubblegum Crisis - Mr. Dandy (English theme)
Dangaioh - Cross Fight
Fushigi Yuugi - Eyes
Ghost in the Shell - Floating Museum
Street Fighter II - Cry
Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Taiyou ga Mata Kagayaku Toki


Update: 20-Jun-06

Hello guys, check the songs for this update
Avenger - Mother
Fushigi Yuugi - Itooshi hito no tame ni (slow)
Onegai teacher - Shooting Stars
Shamanic Princess - Rose Rouge
Street Fighter - Ima, ashita no tame ni
Street Fighter - Just Believe
As you can see I just upload one song by people, cause of web space, but son't worry, feel you free to resend your missing request anytime. I hope to find free time this weekend for creating this group, or maybe if you have already an anime group, maybe we can fuse...


Update: 07-Jun-06

Hello people, maybe you are receiving the notify email a bit late, because of that I'll create a yahoo group, where all we'll able to comunicate all togheter, are you intersted in being an admin????

Songs for this update
Blue Seed - Jumping over the stars
Card Captor Sakura - Platium
Fruits Basket - For Fruit Basket
Hellsing - Baka Koe No Nirvana
Idol Densetsu Eriko - may be dream


Update: 28-May-06

Songs for this update:
Fatal Fury - Yoake no Legend
Gudam Seed - Shizukana Yoru Ni
H2 - Back to the ground
Marmalade Boy - Rain
Phantom Quest Corp - Dancin with a Demon
Serial Experiments lain - Duvet (accoustic)
The Big O - And Forever...


Update: 19-May-06

Songs for this update:
Gantz - Super Shooter
Lupin the Third - theme from Lupin III '78
Martian Successor Nadesico - Habatake Gekiganger
Martian Successor Nadesico - With You
Phantom Quest Corp - Blue Devil Blues
Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Anbaransu Na Kiss o Shite
Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Sayonara Bye Bye


Update: 08-May-06

My tag board seems to be down,  I'm thinking in replacing it with a small chat, I dont know.
Songs for this update:
Area 88 - How far to paradise
DigiCharat - Only one, N1
Dragon Ball GT - Hitorijanai (spanish)
Marmalade Boy - Friendship
meitantei Conan -  Anata ga iru kara
Prince of Tennis - Keep ypur style
X - Forever (karaoke)


Update: 07-Apr-06

Small update, 4 new songs, a big thanks to Ania for the Inuyasha songs.
I can't wait for holidays until july, I really need to take a break...
Hyper Police - Hold Up!
Inuyasha - Dearest
Inuyasha - No more words
Xenogears - Small two of pieces.
I'll open the fan art gallery soon, so please send me your draws, we will vote the best.


Update: 29-Mar-06

Another update, this time 5 new songs and a new snes rom, I still waiting for your help finding more space.
Right now I'm playing "The Black Mirror" for PC, avery interesting game, If you liked "The longest Journey" then this game is a must have for you.... In this update:
Dragon Ball - Moeru Heart De (Beating Red Ribbon)
Iria Zeiram - Tokete Iku Yume no Hate ni
Master of Mosquiton '99 - The Power of Love
Otaku no Video - Tatakae! Otaking
Shamanic Princess - Fake Moon


Update: 20-Mar-06

Hi all, this update contains great songs, I'm still locking for space, maybe for posting some anime music videos, so contact me if you are interested in donating space, I'll be updating the music list in these days, and starting today I take off the public music download section.
Songs for this update:
Chage & Aska - On Your mark
Hakkenden - Blue Skies
Macross - Ai Oboete Imasu ka
Macross - Ai oboete Imasu ka (2nd version)
Marmalade Boy - Kanashii Tokiha Itsumo
Street Fighter II V - Kaze Fuiteru
Remember to join the notify list, its the only way to download songs.


Update: 08-Mar-06

Hi everybody, right now I'm playing "Shadow of the Colossus", its a great game, very original, but monotone.
Songs for this update:
Compiler - I was born to fall in love
Gundam X - Resolution
Parasite Eve - Somnia Memorias
Street Fighter 2 - Itoshisato
Street Fighter II V - Just Believe
Remember to join the notify list, its the only way to download songs.






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