20/Nov/05: Rules, Rules Rules

Sorry boys, but I've been forced to add these rules, I don't like to ignore incoming mails so before making a request take a look to the next simple rules:

1. No soundtracks requests (maybe if someone gives me free personal space)
2. Request only one maybe two songs per people, you can request again after 30 days.
3. Before making request check the past updates, I don't like re-uploading songs.
4. Don't ask me for songs not present in my music list.
5. Each time you help me with a wrong or missing name or info I'll give you a reward.
6. If you sign my guestbook or participate in the tagborad, consider your request granted.
7. After reading these rules, mail me with a little decent request.
8. You need to join the Animation Mp3 group, so you'll receive a link to the download page every update!

Now is possible to request snes & arcade roms as well, but I don't have the time to write a rom list.



1st enemy of guts (BERSERK 1)