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Update: 01-Mar-06

Sarting today ONLY the notify list members will receive a link to the updated download page, cause the actual download page will dissapear, I've lost a some requests, so fell you free to resend it, ad please do not post requests in my guestbook or tagboard ^_^.
Songs for this update:
Akazukin Cha Cha - Make me Smile
Alter Bridge - Metalingus
Infinite Ryvus - Dis
Kaikan Phrase - Tokyo gensou
Now And Then, Here And There - Ima Soko Ni Iru Boku
Virtua Fighter - Wild Vision


Update: 09-Feb-06

Been long time... sorry guys, I  really cant get enough time to update my page, this time five new songs and a new rom, unfortunately, I was not able to put detailed info for the  tracks, just enjoy...
and Thanks for your comments.

Update: 09-Jan-06

Small update today, three new songs and a new anime link, these days I'm getting 20/30 spam signs in my guestbook, I dunno if this can be stoped, do you have suggestions???, in the next days I'll be adding more articles and roms, thanks for all your  compliments emails, thats way this website is still alive.
Angel Sanctuary - Sara
Aquiarian Age - Wiz Dom
GPX Cyber Formula - Identity Crisis


Update: 02-Jan-06

Happy new year 2006 to all anime and manga lovers, I wish you the best for this new year...
I didn't update my page for a while due tu christmas period, sorry for not answer to your requests, here are some requests granted, if you don't see your request here under, just resend it.
Argento Soma - Silent Wind
Bust a Move 2 - Hello! Kitty N
Beck - Slip Out (Little more than before)
Big O - And Forever...
Fantastic Children - Voyage (instrumental)
Geobreeders - Dynamite Mambo