29/10/05: Peer to Peer software

Do you remember NAPSTER?, the first P2P software, it's was a revolution, you were for the first time to exchange music peer to peer, from pc to pc, the commercial world changed drastically, people don't buy cd's anymore but they download from the internet, I think was Metallica to denounce the fact for the first time, the successor WINMX, was another boom, millions of persond exchanging music, pictures, software and more and more.
Later starting to appear EDONKEY, E-MULE, KAZAA, new, modern, and with tons of download optinos, the three kings, you were able to download music, software, movies, anything, you can even download anime episodes and mangas in your own language, but ALL in your own risk, I'ts completly legal using the software, but its illegal if you get profit or if you don't have licences for programs downloaded, the same for mp3's, you need to delete them after 24 hours.
Day after day the world go ahead, and new programs are appearing, the last p2p programs, according to me the best is BITTORRENT, you can read detailed info in the website, after bittorrent, right now I'm using BITTORNADO, a variation of bittorrent, I think is better.
There a popular torrent search engine: TORRENTZ, now I'll give a brief guide for best searching:

WINMX. the best for searching music, rock, pop, hip hop.

E-Mule. the best for software, and movies.

Kazaa. the best for latin music and movies.

BitTornado. the best for anime music, mangas, movies, complete series, ovas.

All theese programs are free of charge, but remember, use them under your own risk.
If you have questions just email me.