15/10/05: PlayStation Emulators

6 years ago (I think), started to born the first psx emulators, the first working emulator "PSEMU pro" broke the rules, but was Bleem! the first almost 90% compatible emulator, obviously it was a pay emulator, with a bit of luck I was able to find a hacked version of bleem, then I discovered VIRTUAL GAME STATION, the best according to me, but now discontinued. In thoose years, 1999-2000, it was recomemded a very powerful pc to run a emulator decently, now, with the pass of the years, all we are able to have a decent computer in order to run an emulator without problems.
I guess you know what "EMULATOR"  & "ROM" does mean, if not, then search on the net or ask your friends, I'll just tell you that with an amulator you are able to play psx games with your pc, thats all, so let's go ahead.
The last emulator I've found on the net is ePSXe, is the best right now, who knows, maybe tomorrow I'll discover  one better, let's start by to verify the pc requeirements:
For best results I suggest you a Pentium 4, 512 MB of RAM, and a good video card.
If you love the psx pad like me, then I suggest you to buy and usb-psx adapter, I wasted just .13,00 for one, but if you have electronic knowlegde, then you can build your own pararell adapter, you can a very complex guide
here, but I suggest you to go to your favorite online psx shop and waste .13,00.
The next step is very simple, the emulator can't work without the psx bios, after installin ePSXe, you need to place the pasx bios in the bios folder of ePSXe, where to find the bios????, well, you can take a screwer, open your psx and search for this damm bios, but it can be dangerous, ha ha, just go here
www.filemirrors.com, enter SCPH1001 for ntsc version or SCPH7502 for the pal version.
Now you need to find the graphic plug-in, this will be easy, just clic here, and place it in the plugins folder, unlike the past emulator all these tools are free, but remember, in order to download a copy of the psx bios, you need to own an original psx.
Now plug your psx adapter, insert your favorite psx game in your cd drive, run ePSXe, and from FILE choose RUN CDROM, you can run iso images also, wow, just remember to edit the video preferences for best results.
Unfortunately,  there are not 100% PS2 emulators funtionally, you can try PCSX2, but it only runs demos and one or two commercial games.

Zophar. The best place for getting all kind of emulators.

Bleemer. Collection of all cracked versions of Bleem!.

Emuita.it. Italian website, dedicated to the world of emulation.

Zsnes. Simply the best super nintendo emulator.

feel like I'm getting back in time when I play Super Mario Bross, with the diference I have a psx controller in my hands, did you already pre-ordered you PLAYSTATION 3 ????

Feel you free to give me your critics or comments and/or add useful info to this article.